Mission & Objectives


The PPL is our identity.  We are a League – a unity – guided by the governance of the School District and its mission to deliver on the civil right of every child in Philadelphia to an excellent public school education, and to ensure that all children graduate from high school ready to succeed as fully engaged citizens of our world.  Therefore, if our League does not produce a better person, it has no reason to exist.  The directives below are intended to guide all concerned with making our competition a healthy experience in individual and social growth.

  • Providing sound academic education and personal formation.
  • Building communities of citizenship and service.
  • Encouraging and forming others in roles of leadership and service


Our core values are supported by the following objectives:

  • To promote the physical well-being of students by providing the opportunity of interscholastic competition in well-rounded sports programs.
  • To promote loyalty among the general student body of each school as well as respect and regard for the student body of each competing school.
  • To foster the discipline, obedience, and cooperation necessary for successful teamwork.
  • To promote the natural virtues of honesty and fair play in competition.
  • To encourage the acceptance of victory with modesty and of defeat with grace.