The fundamental purpose of the Philadelphia Public League shall be to promote interscholastic athletics for students in schools of The School District of Philadelphia (the “School District”) and participating Philadelphia charter schools, so that participants will enjoy the benefits of the physical fitness, teamwork and discipline that involvement in athletics can bring.  The Philadelphia Public League recognizes athletics as an extra-curricular activity and asserts that participation in athletics is a privilege, and not a right, for those student-athletes who take part in the variety of sports offered by the Philadelphia Public League.

The Philadelphia Public League dedicates itself to establishing and maintaining the highest standards of good sportsmanship, fair play and citizenship, so that students’ participation in interscholastic athletic programs enriches their educational experience.  The Philadelphia Public League also commits itself to a principle of equal access to its interscholastic programs for all students that takes into consideration factors that affect the ability of students to participate safely in sponsored athletic events.

The Philadelphia Public League and its members shall execute fully and faithfully the requirements of this Constitution, and the By-Laws, and shall require and enforce compliance by all student-athletes, coaches, athletic administrators, principals, other school officials and other schools and parties.  In addition, the Philadelphia Public League may issue future regulations, which further define and interpret provisions of the Philadelphia Public League Constitution and By-Laws. 

The Philadelphia Public League shall also abide by, comply with and carry out the rules and regulations promulgated by the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (“PIAA”).  In those instances where the rules of the Philadelphia Public League are stricter than those of the PIAA, the rules of the Philadelphia Public League shall govern.